Ceiling Services Hampton Roads

Look up. Is your ceiling clean? Is it discolored and stained? Does it give your customers confidence they are in a sanitary environment?

We clean ceilings. High ones, low ones and everything in between.

Independent Services of Virginia offers ceiling cleaning services for standard tiles, plaster, specialized surfaces, acoustic ceiling replacement and resurfacing textured ceilings.

Commercial Kitchen Ceiling Cleaning

We remedy all types of dirty ceilings and those that just need routine maintenance to stay looking clean. We do water stains. We make cobwebs and dust bunnies disappear. We clean up from accidental geysers of beverages, chemicals and other unsightly splatters. We sanitize high commercial kitchen ceilings with greasy film from high volume of cooking and erase years of built up nicotine stains. Buildings near beaches and bays or train tracks often have a gritty buildup from blowing sand or coal dust. We remove it.

High Ceilings Cleaning

Our trained team of ceiling cleaning experts specializes in high ceilings. We go where most don’t. Independent Services of Virginia has the right equipment and insurance to handle even the highest heights. Our workers are not afraid of high places; they thrive on them. Maintaining a clean ceiling affects lighting, health and sound. Our services keep surfaces looking professional through a routine maintenance program. We also offer emergency ceiling cleansing and repair services.

Ceiling Replacement

If you prefer, we can replace your ceiling instead. Maybe you are tired of what it looks like or it creates logistical problems. Your ceilings may no longer suit the building’s purpose or your company’s needs. There may be unexpected structural damage to your ceiling. We do vinyl ceiling replacement as well as most other types of ceiling replacement in Hampton Roads, VA and serve customers in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Hampton, Portsmouth, Newport News and other cities.

Call our office today to set up an appointment. We will come out and inspect or service your ceilings. Together we can find an affordable remedy you will be happy with that meets all of your needs. We can also offer building inspection and building maintenance, weatherproofing, exterior caulking and high rise window cleaning services.

You can reach Independent Services of Virginia office on the Southside at (757) 671-1888.
For Peninsula service, call (757) 887-1611.
You can send us a fax at (757) 671-1025.

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