Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in Hampton Roads, VA

There is more to maintaining a clean commercial kitchen than wiping down countertops and washing dishes. It’s about keeping the everyday build-up of grease and moisture to a safe and sanitary level. We have special commercial kitchen cleaning services available for restaurants, banquet facilities, caterers and other types of professional kitchens and cooking areas in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Hampton, Portsmouth and other cities of Hampton Roads, VA. We take care of your facility when it’s not in use so that your business is not interrupted, but it stays safe. Grease build-up on the exhaust hood and ceiling can cause devastating problems.

Fire Hazard, Exhaust Hood Cleaning

It does not take much to start a kitchen fire. Grease and residue can build up on the range, hood, floor and ceiling, creating a fire hazard. Cleaning the hood regularly is not enough. When grease and residue are not removed from other parts of the exhaust system regularly, this creates a flammable situation. It does not take much more than a spark or open flame in the wrong place to ignite the entire cooking area. Standing greasy residue will feed a fire, cause safety problems and possibly the loss of your business. All residue must be removed to prevent a fire hazard.

Inspection of Commercial Kitchen Equipment

We do a thorough inspection of commercial kitchen equipment and create a detailed list of what needs to be cleaned. If we discover any particularly hazardous areas on your property, we will be sure to let you know. We will also check your Hampton Roads commercial kitchen ceilings, walls and floors to determine whether they are hazardous and need attention as well.

Prevention, Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

A regular inspection and exhaust hood cleaning if needed will prevent a grease fire. When the exhaust system is clean down to the bare metal, it is clean by true industry standards. Your kitchen exhaust cleaning should be done by a professional from the system’s access panels to the entire surface of the fans, the ductwork and even the dreaded grease box. We also provide kitchen ceiling cleaning to remove any grease or soil build-up.


Our highly skilled technicians handle commercial kitchen cleaning and kitchen exhaust cleaning in Hampton Roads. We cover all types of jobs, big or small: whether you need commercial kitchen cleaning in Norfolk, ceiling cleaning in Chesapeake, exhaust hood cleaning in Portsmouth – we know how to get the job done. We offer our kitchen ceiling cleaning services in all Hampton Roads cities. We are licensed, bonded and insured and know how to handle emergency services as well.

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