Glass Restoration Services in Hampton Roads, Virginia

Glass windows and doors add class and elegance to any building, but they sure can take a beating. Accidents happen, graffiti and people do amazing things that damage and ruin glass and windows. Scratches and stains on commercial glass can ruin the look of the entire room. Surface blemishes on glass separating conference rooms and offices are embarrassing and unprofessional. Large picture windows and glass walls are very expensive to replace, even acrylic reproductions.

Independent Services of Virginia can perform commercial glass restoration so that your building’s windows and walls appear blemish-free. There is no need for replacement. Have them restored and repaired. Let our professionals work their glass scratch removal “magic” on your windows, glass walls and storefronts.

Scratches can shorten the life expectancy of your glass. We remove external stains and most scratches on any glass, including acrylics. This is especially important for buildings with glass storefronts. We perform window restoration services in Hampton Roads, VA.

Glass Stain Removal

Glass stains can be cleaned up to make a glass surface look like new. Aside from our regular exterior and interior caulking, building maintenance and commercial window cleaning services, we also handle messy, stubborn stains that can damage glass and acrylics. We do glass stain removal services in Virginia that require additional time, techniques and chemicals above and beyond those for run-of-the-mill dirty windows. This includes rust, graffiti, splashed-on substances and solid, sun-baked residue.

Glass stains are embarrassing and may prevent potential customers from entering a business. Companies that appear to have upkeep problems or difficulties with people trespassing on their property needs to have the glass professionally cleaned as soon as possible to prevent further issues.

If your business has scratches, blemishes or stains on glass, contact us today. We would be happy to send out one of our professionals to see if your interior or exterior windows can be repaired and restored to their former clear and clean condition.

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