Water Leak Testing Services

Does your building have a water leak? With the average rainfall about 35 inches per year in Hampton Roads, Virginia, you’d better hope it doesn’t. Water leaks in commercial buildings can cause a multitude of problems, from water damage on wood to mold and mildew to disintegrating sheetrock. It can get into electrical circuitry and fuse boxes and wreak havoc with short circuits. Independent Services of Virginia provides water leak testing services for commercial buildings in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Hampton, Portsmouth and other cities of Hampton Roads, Virginia. We not only diagnose water leaks in Hampton Roads, we repair the damage. We find the water leak source and repair it, too.

Building Inspection in Hampton Roads

Walking into your building and finding puddles and drips is one clue of a Hampton Roads water leak. Independent Services of Virginia (ISV) knows there is more to it than that. We perform a thorough building inspection to determine whether or not you have a water leak and, if so, how many.

Water Leak Testing

You don’t have to wait until it rains to determine whether or not you have a water leak. We can do a water leak test at your convenience. This will help us determine not only if one exists, but find its source. Some sources of leaks in Hampton Roads can go undetermined for years, which means the problem is never truly fixed. We perform tests from the outside or roof of your building and find where water is seeping into your building. As commercial building high-rise specialists, we have the proper equipment to systematically test and access your structure’s exterior until the leak source or sources are found. We can physically enter the ceilings and walls if needed until we have traced the core of the problem. All findings are documented and evaluated for seriousness and method of repair on paperwork you can see and understand.

Fixing Water Leaks in Hampton Roads

While some companies automatically recommend a roof replacement or a complete recaulk of the entire structure when a building leaks from above, we prefer to find out what the true problem is and simply fix it. While replacing the roof or recaulking may fix the problem, it may not. We like to be sure before we begin. Unlike other companies, we don’t want you spending thousands of dollars and still have a leak when the work is complete. ISV doesn’t work that way. We know that water leaks in Hampton Roads can come through loose windows, porous roofing surfaces, poor caulking, improper flashing, small cracks in EFIS or gaps around exterior vents and piping. Once we know the culprit, we will give you our best recommendations and an estimate on water leak repairs. Our Hampton Roads leak repair specialists will fix the problem when you are ready, prolonging the life of your building and preventing further structural damage.

If you think you have a water leak, or you just want to make sure your building is sound, call us for an appointment. That’s (757) 671-1888 for the Southside or (757) 887-1611 for the Peninsula.
If you prefer, send us a fax with any important details at (757) 671-1025.

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