Waterproofing Services in Hampton Roads, Virginia

Is your building waterproof?

Unless you live in a submarine, it isn’t.

Take a walk around it, inside and out. Check out the cracks and crevices around windows and exterior doors. Look up. Does the ceiling leak? Can you hear the wind whistling on a stormy day? Does it smell musty or feel damp indoors after a rainstorm? Are there puddles to greet you after a nor’easter or hurricane rolls through the area? When the weather forecast calls for rain, do you automatically grab the buckets and station them to catch dripping water? A “yes” answer to any of these questions is a sign that your building needs waterproofing services.

Not only are you losing energy and increasing utility costs to keep the inside climate of the building comfortable, you are inviting moisture and pest problems. Once they start, they get more expensive to fix. Take the time to remedy the little problems now, before the damage gets out of hand. Independent Services of Virginia proudly offers waterproofing services in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Hampton, Chesapeake, Portsmouth and other cities of Hampton Roads, VA.

Building Inspection

One way to see if your building needs waterproofing is to inspect the roof and roof system. We can do building inspection for you, if you wish. Our professionals will look for cracks, stains, loose shingling or damaged surfaces. We also check the flashing; it should be flat and intact.

Gutters and downspout areas should be clear and free from leaves, sticks and other debris. Any entry points of pipes or structures into your roof should have a tight seal around them, no gaps. If there are cracks, leaks or gaps, we can remedy the problem with leak repair and waterproofing services in Hampton Roads, VA cities.

Our superior leak repair and caulking services will close up open spaces while exterior painting and weatherproof coatings can seal out moisture problems. We offer a 10 year warranty on some waterproof coatings.

Leak Repair Services

Walk around your building’s exterior and see if there are noticeable gaps in masonry joints. Check around doors, entranceways and windows to see if water and pests can get in.

Check the ceilings and walls inside to see if there are any wet spots or stains. You may need leak repair services to stop water from coming in and causing damage. Look at the windowsills and frames on a rainy day. If water is coming in, it needs to be fixed.

Give us a call at 757 671-1888 or contact Independent Services of Virginia using our website contact form. We can fix the problem by waterproofing your building.

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