Weatherproofing Services in Hampton Roads, VA

Is your building’s interior protected?

Independent Services of Virginia offers weatherproofing services for Hampton Roads, Virginia commercial buildings. This prevents water from penetrating the building. Specialized paint and weatherproof coatings give your building the extra protection it needs to keep out moisture. We handle building repairs in Norfolk, VA and the surrounding cities of Hampton Roads: Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, and Portsmouth.

Weatherproofing Commercial Buildings

Many things are involved in weatherproofing a building, such as protective sheet or fluid coatings, exterior caulking, roof repairs and window replacement and repair.

Stucco has a history of moisture problems in the Hampton Roads area due to high humidity and frequent rain. Our specialists can use a waterproof stucco sealant to reduce the negative effects on your building. Water penetration can lead to mold, mildew and separation problems. We can help you decide what your building needs to keep out the moisture and look great.

Everyday wear and tear and the occasional seasonal storms affect the overall envelope of a building from top to bottom and corner to corner. Drafts, cracks, gaps and porous materials can reduce the energy efficiency of your building. Independent Services of Virginia can help you save money with weatherproofing in Virginia Beach, VA and the rest of Hampton Roads area.

Building Inspection and Weatherproofing Services

When there are cracks and separations around windows, doors and joints, air and water enter and escape at will. Loss of cool air in summer and warm air in winter makes a building less energy efficient. Utility bills are higher and equipment works harder. Leaking water creates moisture damage and growth of mold and mildew. Sheetrock and drywall are damaged by both and can compromise the integrity of a building. Not only structurally, but employees with mold allergies can become very sick, as well. Independent Services of Virginia can help you circumvent all of that by weatherproofing your business.

We do a building inspection inside and out to determine what weatherproofing and waterproofing services you need. We check around windows, entrances and you roof to make sure they are air and water tight. Any areas that are not, can be remedied through our caulking, leak repair, window cleaning and repair, patching and weatherproofing services.

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